Online course and individual coaching with registered health professionals.
From the co-founder of Tame the Beast.

Online pain recovery course

A pain treatment program that has been tested by pain scientists.

Empowering through coaching

We approach pain treatment with coaching. The more you learn, the more you can help yourself.

Your personal recovery plan

Develop a personalised recovery plan and return to the things that matter most.

Backed by the science of how pain works

We've simplified the science into a pathway, and the results speak for themselves.

For on-going pain. For recovery.
For getting back to the life you want.

We clarify the problem

Ultimately, we believe that better information leads to better choices, and better choices lead to recovery. We start by clarifying the problem that we are here to solve.

We find simple solutions

Pain is complex. At Untanglr, we simplify recovery and focus on the things that matter most. Develop your personal recovery plan to build capacity and retrain your pain system.

We focus on what matters

Our team work with you to create meaningful change, and help you return to the things that matter most. Meet the team who make it happen.

Move beyond sciatica.back pain.fibromyalgia.chronic pain.
They considered my injury as a temporary setback and gave me the positive mindset that I will continue to enjoy an active life. Smiling again.
Always answered my questions and concerns, no matter how minor or silly they might have been.
I feel genuinely cared for. Thank you for everything team!

Online course and individual coaching that gets you moving – and gets results.