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Untanglr provides customised mental health recovery coaching with registered health professionals, delivered in person, via phone, or online.

Many factors can affect wellbeing. An Untanglr Low Intensity Mental Health Program can help with strategies that support lasting recovery.

What is a Low Intensity
Mental Health Program?

Untanglr’s Low Intensity Mental Health Program includes up to eight sessions of one-on-one evidence-based mental health support and coaching, designed to meet your individual needs and is delivered by a registered Health Professional.

At Untanglr, you have an experienced, resourced and encouraging coach in your corner. We’ll work with you to remove barriers, focus on what matters, regain independence, and achieve your goals.

Appointments can be delivered either in person, via phone, or online.

Who can access Untanglr’s Low Intensity Mental Health Program?

The service is available to any injured worker with a pending or accepted work injury claim, and to any identified support person, actively supporting the injured worker’s recovery and return to work.

The service is available for individuals presenting with mild to moderate anxiety, depression or stress, and who are not actively engaged with a psychologist or a psychiatrist on a regular basis.

Backed by science.

Untanglr comes from industry leaders in pain. Our team can explain how pain works, and help you retrain your pain system.

  • Mental Health
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Low mood
  • Lack of self-esteem
  • Loss and grief due to injury
With Untanglr, I’ve seen that real change is possible – even for patients who had lost hope of being free from pain.
Made me feel that I have some say, and gave me the skills to take responsibility for my health.
Bec, 70, Victoria
I am excited to get on with life and my new way of thinking. Moving is good. Resting all the time makes my body weaker and keeps me in the chronic pain cycle.
Margaret, 62, South Australia
I see my back and hip pain from a new perspective and am not as afraid to move
Paul, 46, Adelaide

Untanglr gets you moving - and gets results.