Expert care in
your home.

We want to make your recovery as easy as possible. By delivering care remotely, we’re able to save you time and stress of attending appointments.

Convenient. Comfortable.

Using telehealth means there’s no stress about leaving the house or attending appointments. We want to focus on your recovery, and help you move past pain faster.

How it works

Untanglr sends you a single click link that connects you directly to your coach. Accessible via your mobile phone or laptop, we can also complete sessions over the phone. Our simple payment solution allows you to claim private health cover, or when treatment is paid by a third party, we process payment directly.

How to prepare

  • Set time aside for your appointment
  • Find a quiet space where you feel comfortable
  • Wear suitable clothing you can move in

That’s it!

Our friendly team is here to help you along the way.

Knowing that I can work through this is important to me.
Esther B.
I have now been convinced that these pain science ideas really work. I am now moving more and I have an increased range in my movements.
Alex P
Now I understand the plasticity of the brain and how to use science to improve my body and my pain. I am retraining my brain. I am forging new pathways.
Bridget P.
I am feeling hopeful, committed and motivated to go on. I feel more in control.
Annette H.

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