We all need
help at times.

When pain persists, it is easy to lose hope. You can help a friend make a fresh start, triumph over persistent pain and return to the life they want.

How can I help untangle someone else’s persistent pain?

Have empathy and understanding

Pain is personal. It impacts all areas of our lives and can impact our personal relationships. Giving time to listening and offering support is a great way you can start helping.

Help to schedule an appointment

We are often better at helping others than helping ourselves. Help to make the first step and book a free call with Untanglr today. Many of our patients come to us through the concern and care of a friend like you.

Be part of the steps to recovery

Recovering from pain is about making new, helpful actions and identifying old strategies that no longer work. Our coaching focuses on the things that are within our control, and develops individual strategies for recovery that really work. You can help by providing support and encouragement for those strategies.

Made me feel that I have some say, and gave me the skills to take responsibility for my health.
Bec, 70, Victoria
I see my back and hip pain from a new perspective and am not as afraid to move
Paul, 46, Adelaide
It really is making a huge difference. Actually once I knew that moving was not going to harm me, the pain reduced a lot
David, 65, Adelaide

Untanglr gets you moving – and gets results.

Call now to see how we can help.