How to use Swagbucks TV to make $60+ Monthly

I already wrote a review about Swagbucks, and I’ve already shown you guys one of my favorite ways to earn money passively with a Perk TV farm. Now I want to show everyone how to maximize Swagbucks earnings through Swagbucks TV.

Swagbucks TV offers one of the best return for the time invested among ad watching reward apps . It beats even my favorite, Perk TV. But don’t get ahead of yourself too quick, there is a caveat – a daily point max out.

But let’s get what we can, right folks? This post is dedicated to maxing out your Swagbucks TV earning potential so that you are not leaving any money on the table.

Let’s start from the ground up.


What’s Swagbucks TV?

If you’re not already part of Swagbucks, Join here. Or, check out my review here to see why you should join.

Briefly, Swagbucks is one of the leading online reward sites and one of their programs, Swagbucks TV (SBTV), rewards you points for watching videos that can be later be redeemed for gift cards and cash.


The neat thing about SBTV is that the videos run practically automatically when on a mobile device such as your cell phone or tablet. And that’s what we are going to take advantage of.  Automatic means easier and faster money!

Swagbucks has created a few different apps with different names that target different ad categories. Each of these apps has their own daily Swagbucks point limit. To maximize our earning potential we will install them all. Let’s go over them.

Note that what we’re looking for in all these apps is the shortest video we can watch on repeat so that we can amass points in a shorter amount of time.



swagbucks-tv-appThis is the fist standalone, SBTV app – the original. Install the app and login with your credentials. Navigate your way to the Home and Garden section and scroll until you find a video called “10 Second Tips”. Favorite this video by swiping left on its tile. You’ll see a red heart appear next to the video as a confirmation.

Now navigate to your favorites section, and click on the video to let it play. It’ll play the same video over repeatedly. Awesome! It’s a short video and does the job beautifully. After two hours of auto-playing you will reach your SBTV daily max of $0.50. If you’re consistent, this gives you an effective earning of about $15 monthly.



entertainow-appThe next Swagbucks app to install is called Entertainow. As before, login and sign in with your own credentials. This time, head over to the TV Spots section and favorite a video called “Men, Women & Children”. The video itself is about 48 seconds in length. It’s certainly not super short, but it’s the shortest one I could find currently. Keep your eyes peeled for shorter videos though, Anything under 30 seconds is ideal.

Entertainow is currently capped to a $1.20 daily per account, and limited to $2.50 daily per IP address. So if you have multiple accounts in your household, take note- your earnings will not exceed $2.50 per day. Swagbucks app is as the name implies, more sports oriented. We’ll be again looking for the shortest video we can find. As it currently stands, Swagbucks is always changing around content – so there’s no easy recommendation I can give.

So look around, you should be able to find something that’s around 1 minute long in length. Which means, it’ll take you about 2-3 hours to max. I’ve also found that sometimes the app requires you to manually press the “next” button to proceed on to the next video. This puts a big dent into our automatic system, but it’s still not dreadful. Just needs to be run in an environment where you can keep an eye out on it.’s the latest addition to the Swagbucks app family. I recommend favoriting a video under the title of “The Other Woman” as it is currently available and runs for only 25 seconds. See the screenshot below.


Running “The Other Woman” on a loop will max the app earnings in about two hours. I’ve also seen that this app requires you manually press the “next” button to watch the next video, so keep your eyes out.


Multiple Account Warning


Swagbucks is not lenient about multiple accounts. If you have family members you can potentially sign them up, but I don’t recommend using them as referrals as it adds an unnecessary flag for your account. Think about it – referrals to the same IP address is fishy.

You should also know that Swagbucks will eventually ask you to verify your account. You have a few methods of verification to choose from. If you use the postcard method, you will have a small postcard mailed to you. If you opt phone number verification you will need a post-paid phone number. Prepaid and texting apps will not work. It’s been tried before and no good has come from it.

Once you’re verified, you can relax as you won’t need to verified again. But to avoid being flagged or running into issues, try to limit your accounts to 3 per household.


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  1. Tony

    I max out on SBTV at 36 a day and just 18 on Entertain now with my one account. Something I should be doing that maybe I am not?

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