Starting a Blog: Reality Check


Let me guess. You’ve fallen in love with the idea of creating your own blog. You read all the wonderful articles throughout the web pitching the glorious dream. And you think you too can earn money passively.


There’s no such thing as passive. Get real. How hard did you work for the last dollar in your wallet? Because you’re going to be spending a lot of time building a blog or website and returns won’t be coming in all that fast. If at all. And on top of that all, you’ll need to work hard consistently.

Remember when you set, ‘exercise everyday’ as your New Year’s Resolution?

Nobody I know sticks to their resolutions for longer than a few weeks. And chances are you don’t either.

Ask yourself. What makes blogging different from exercising? Performing either has a chance of improving your lifestyle. Being fit has health benefits and looking good will hopefully up your game with the opposite sex. And heck, maybe blogging will transform your life even more. You’ll amass a huge group of followers because hell, you’re the next thing thing, right?


The realities behind blogging.

Blogging isn’t a business. Lots of people start blogs. And here’s the pattern they typically follow:

  1. Think of a neat idea.
  2. Start a blog about that idea.
  3. Write some content.
  4. Look at their analytics, and see no one’s reading. Need more traffic!
  5. Keep at it and make more posts.
  6. Want to start make money, so Google Adsense is thrown all over their blogs.
  7. Read blogs by people who have made money from blogging and hope that one day their fate will follow.
  8. Continue writing some more content.
  9. Look at their Adsense account to see they earned twelve cents.
  10. Throw in the cards.


Here’s why all these people failed.

They thought that blogging was a business and that if they built it, people would come and read it.

Heck, these people probably thought that starting a blog was half the battle. Hosting, WordPress and all that jazz was an uphill battle.

But believe me, getting a blog up and running is just the tip of the iceberg.


The silver lining.

Till this point I’ve discouraged you from starting a blog. But here’s the thing, a blog can be the foundation for a solid online business. It’s all about how you position it.

If you can build a blog that’s based around a business back end, you’ll have the chance to begin earning some money. Especially if the content you create is quality.






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