How to Start a Perk Farm and Earn $150 Monthly

Perk TV is one of my favorite reward sites currently. It’s available for both iOS and Android and pays you to simply, watch ads.

What separates Perk from other video reward programs like Swagbucks is that the ads continually play without much interaction, the returns are solid, and you can have up to 5 active devices per account running. The last one is what makes building a farm possible.

Perk Farm Earning PotentialScreenshot_2014-09-02-08-10-34

You can take advantage of Perk’s earning opportunity and run a perk farm that can earn you $150 monthly.


You’ll realistically earn about a dollar a day per device if you are located in the United States.

Perk uses a points system where each point is equivalent to $.001 (i.e. 1,000 points = $1) In the United States you can earn 4 points for every two videos watched. In the UK, Canada, and Australia, you’re earnings are sadly lower – 2 points per 2 videos watched.

I will be assuming you are from the United States. In which case, a dollar a day x 5 devices = $5 daily. Multiply that by 30 days and you can make $150 dollars.


Economics Behind Perk TV Farming


I’ve heard some people voice questions about the set up costs and electricity usage associated with running a farm.

Let’s Start with addressing electricity.

I currently have 5 devices plugged into a power strip and using a kill a watt meter all 5 devices are drawing about 22 W while charging and 5 W when they are at 100% charge level.

If all 5 devices were to be charging all day they would use a maximum of 22 W x 24hr x (1kW-hr /1000 W-hr) = .528 kW-hr

My electricity currently costs me $0.12 per kW-hr, meaning that having all 5 phones charge all day costs me $.063. Giving me a yearly cost of $23.12.

In reality, my phones are not in their charge state, but rather they trickle charge and only draw 5 W total. Which works out to a yearly cost of $5.25.



If you already have 5 devices that you can use you’re ahead of the pack. The minimum devices required include:

  • iPhones 3GS and up
  • iPod Touches 4th Gen and up
  • iPad 2 and up
  • Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich and up)
  • Kindle Fire HD and up
  • Amazon Fire TV

If you don’t have a suitable device, you’ll have to purchase them. You have plenty of options at your disposal. What you’ll be looking for is a cheap android phone that runs Android 4.0 or higher and has WiFi.

I’ve seen people use the Kyocera Hydo as their prices hover around the $30-$40 mark. The ZTE Force 4G LTE phone is also popular but more expensive. Keep your eyes peeled for a sale.

In my tests, devices that have a dual core processor will perform much better with Perk. The Perk app with run smoother, and crash a lot less often on a multi-core phone with a decent amount of RAM. Cheaper devices like the Hydro or a Samsung Galaxy Rush will be more prone to crashing, so I strongly recommending finding a more capable device.

Shop around, there are always deals to be found for phones.


Let’s Build a Perk Farm


First Step: Sign up

If you haven’t already, sign up for Perk TV


Second Step: Gather & Prep your Devices

Once you have all your devices you’ll want to do the following;

  1. Install the Perk TV application. iOS Download Here , Google Play Download Here
  2. Set your phone to always keep the screen on.
  3. Dim the screen brightness level (to save electricity)

You need to be aware that watching videos will use up your bandwidth, and it is a bandwidth intensive task. I do not recommend running videos on your mobile data connection – especially if your provider has a data cap or your plan has a tier limit.

You can however decrease each devices bandwidth use a bit by toggling the “Low Bandwidth Video” setting found on Android and iOS (Windows 8.1 users don’t have the option). I strongly recommend doing this, even if you are using your home network. There’s no need to bog your network, and it will help your devices run more smoothly.

Sidenote: If you’re comfortable with rooting your Android device, it may be beneficial to gain root and disable all the unnecessary applications that come pre-installed on your phone so that you can conserve the system resources for Perk TV. This is much more relevant with low spec phones.


Third Step: Setup

Plug your phones into a cheap surge protector or a multi-port usb wall charger near your wireless router. You want to be close to your WiFi point to ensure a solid connection.

Where you set up your Perk farm matters. Perk recently introduced a “Are You Still Watching?” check every 4 – 6 hours. So every few hours you will have to press the button “Yes” to continue watching ads and earn points. That’s why I recommend setting up your farm somewhere where you frequent often, and where it’s not a hassle to peek to from time to time. I set mine on a table on my way to the kitchen!

Depending on your schedule, it may be wise to set an alarm to remind you to check on your farm.

Side note: If you vote to get token points at the end of the videos, you can delay the dreaded “Are you Still Watching?” prompt.

are you still watching


Fourth Step: Maintain and Monitor

As I mentioned above, it’s important to check your devices ever so often to verify they’re running and earning. I’ve noticed that sometimes my devices will act funky – i.e. disconnect from their WiFi or crash from the Perk TV app.

In particular, I’ve found that Windows 8.1 Phones tend to crash more often than their Android sibling. I believe that the app was outsourced to a 3rd party for development and as a whole it wasn’t developed to the same quality.


Fifth Step: Earn & Redeem

Congratulations, you’ve set up your Perk farm! Now let it run – earn, redeem and enjoy.


If you have any questions, comments, or feedback don’t be shy!


Update 1: January 2015

Perk TV has changed over time. One of the biggest changes they have implemented is the inclusion of a “Are You Still Watching?” check. When I first started using Perk TV this was check popped up every 4-6 hours. After numerous changes, it is now occurring at hourly intervals. It has decreased my earnings as I am not always next to my devices. If you’re thinking about building a Perk farm you have to consider this latest change and how it impacts you.

I highly recommend taking a look at the reddit community for Perk TV for the latest news and buzz.

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  1. Shane

    Can u be more specific about voting for tokens to avoid the prompt? For example, just vote once and avoid promotes forever? Does it go by account or device? Etc.

    1. Untanglr

      Sadly you’re going to encounter the prompt at some point or another. Nothings makes them go away forever. Perk recently adjusted how often they prompt you, “Are you still watching” to every two hours. I’m assuming they did so to get more engagement, and make advertisers happier.

      That said, in my experience if you are near the phone, you can click the thumbs up or thumbs down button after shown after each video and it resets the two hour timer anew. These prompts and rules go for every device you have running. What I’m doing now – I start the phones together, set a timer for every two hours, and click the yes button on every device at those intervals.

  2. Mack Peyatt

    What devices do you use? model numbers and names ect 😛 … I rather buy a device that will work, then buy one the won’t .(i hate device fishing!)

    1. Untanglr

      I use a combination of old devices I had lying around (HP Touchpad, HTC One X) and 3 I bought on sale (3 ZTE Whirl 2’s). I picked up the 3 Whirl 2’s from radioshack on sale for $30 total.

      Before you go out and buy, I’d take a look at the reddit perktv community found at

      Perk TV has undergone several changes; the most recent one has been the implementation of an hourly popup of “Are you Watching?”. It has hampered my earnings. I’ve also noticed that as more people have begun to use Perk TV, my video loading times have increased and I earn less. I strongly recommend taking a look at the reddit community to hear and see the latest. There are good device recommendations to be found there too!

  3. Bama350z

    I am just starting into this type of thing and am looking for the best way to get the biggest bang for my buck. To date Viggle has given the best returns for me but that isn’t the intent of the comment. I am wondering if you can use five virtualized android systems on one windows pc and run a farm that way. I may look into giving that a try. Thanks for the article.

    1. Untanglr

      I used Viggle when it first came out! (a few years ago) The point system was amazing back then. Today it is, sadly, much less lucrative. As for Perk TV; as far as I know you can not run the farm through an android virtualized system/emulator. I remember reading that Perk implemented features into their app and servers to track these types of events. You may accrue points but they’ll redact them or ban your account when it comes time to pay.

  4. Tonz

    Where can i turn low bandwidth video on, on a iphone and how do the phones not overheat, do you put a cooling pad underneath them?

  5. Basab Acharya

    This post of yours is very close to my heart. Thank you for posting it. Myself from India and how can I benefit from Perk TV app? Will they permit for Indian guys like me. Can the above steps function for me. Can you give some advice on it. Thank you again.

  6. archana

    I live in USA and still keep getting 1 -2 points from perk on every ad I watch. I never seem to have got 4 points per ad. Have they changed their rates?

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