Make Money Answering Surveys | My Ipsos i-Say Review

It’s a mouthful of a name, but Ipsos i-Say is an online survey site run by a division of Ipsos, one the world’s largest marketing research companies. So this is a legitimate program that takes your inputs from surveys and uses it for marketing studies and research.

What you’re most concerned about is whether you can make money with Ipsos i-Say.

And the answers is Yes. You can make money with i-Say.

Here’s the link to sign up.


Ipsos i-Say Review Introduction

Ipsos Isay ReviewIn this post, I’ll go over the various methods you can make money with Ipsos i-Say and more importantly, the methods that I’ve discovered that make the best use of your time. So you can earn more quicker.

I also want you to know that I only write reviews for companies that I’ve actually tried. This review is based on my actual experience. I make money from reward and survey sites and share my knowledge to you through these reviews.

Like my other reviews, there is a lot of information to digest here. So take some time to read it. You want to make the most money from the start. Why leave money on the table, right?

I want to begin by going over the basics – restrictions, payouts, and how to sign up.


i-Say Overview


To sign up for Ipsos i-Say you need to be from the United States or Canada. But hold on! If you’re from Europe, Ipsos offers a similar website for European countries called Ipsos Access Panels that may be worth a look.

Beyond location, there are no age restrictions.


Sign Up Process

To join the i-Say program, you can click this link and then register. They’ve made it easy as you can join with your Facebook account or manually fill out the information form. They do verify your email address with a confirmation, so be on the lookout for it.


i-Say Minimum Payout

I think it’s important to know the cash out rules. For Ipsos i-Say, you will need to reach 1,000 points in order to redeem for a $10 Amazon gift card or you’ll need to wait to you acquire 1,500 points so you can exchange it for a PayPal or Visa prepaid card. They’ve also recently introduced a $10 iTunes gift card for 1,000 point too.

Once you redeem your points for a reward you can expect electronic gift cards within 24 hours. Paypal and Visa’s prepaid card are processed and mailed at a slower rate – usually arriving within 3 weeks. If you’re new to online surveys and rewards, this is a typical timing payout. Nothing out of the ordinary.


Survey Qualification Rate

After using i-Say I found that I qualified for about 80% of the surveys I wanted to take. That’s a pretty solid number. And what I really liked is that it did not take long for me to be screened out of surveys I didn’t qualify for. I found I was cut off within 1-2 minutes. And I received 5 points from i-Say for my time.


Survey Invite Rate

Getting surveys to take is half the battle when making money. I was pleased to find that i-Say would send me plenty of e-mails alerting me to take a survey. I received about 2 to 7 surveys a day during the week and 1 to 2 on the weekend.

I liked getting the e-mail as I find that the i-Say website to be lacking in content. They use a simple design but sometimes I found survey’s would not refresh or that I’d start working on surveys that I’ve already taken.


Loyalty Program

i-Say offers a loyalty program, which isn’t something you’ll see on other sites. Essentially, the more surveys you take in a given year the greater the point bonus you receive.


If you take 200 surveys with them in a year, you receive an extra 600 points to spend.  200 surveys a week may sound like a lot, but in reality it is only 4 surveys weekly.


The Best Ways to Make Money with Ipsos i-Say


I’ve found that Ipsos i-Say is one of the better survey companies to participate with due to their direct connection with the Ipsos marketing company.



Surveys are king on i-Say. And that makes sense as they are what helps their parent company, Ipsos with their own marketing programs and products.

The best way to dive into making money through their surveys is to head to their website and use their dashboard to see surveys available to you.

Most surveys pay our about 35 to 90 points depending on their estimated time. Some surveys can take as little as 5 minutes while others can take about a half hour. When identifying the best surveys to take it’s important to look at the time:points ratio. Surveys that take under 10 minutes that pay out 45 points are better than surveys that pay out 90 points but are longer than 20 minutes.

Ipsos i-Say ReviewKeep your eyes peeled too. There are exceptional surveys popping up every once in a while. I once saw a 150 points survey. And I once answered a 90 points survey, which took me less than 5 minutes to complete.

As I mentioned before, sometimes the surveys on the dashboard don’t update/refresh properly. But the saving grace is that when there is a new survey waiting for you, i-Say sends you an e-mail.


How many Surveys can you expect?

The amount of survey’s you receive is directly related to your profile information. Such things like your gender, age, and geo-location matter. The survey’s that i-Say publishes are related to areas of interest. So some members may receive more than others.


Word of the Wise

There are time you will be sent an e-mail for a survey and after clicking the e-mail button, “Get Started Now” you don’t see the point earnings. Don’t take these surveys.

Only take surveys that you know the points and estimated time involved.

This is important as you don’t want to take a long survey and end up only getting a few points. Earn what you’re owed.


Quirky Poll Question

Most users don’t know this one. But if you join i-Say and answer their weekly Quirky Poll Question which you can find on their Facebook page, you’re entered for the chance to win 250 points. This is similar to Swagbucks, Daily Poll and there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t do this.

Here’s an example of one:


You lose nothing but a few seconds of time and could earn money from it.


Delaying Reward Redemption


The longer you wait use Ipsos i-Say, the better your cash out reward rates. Take a look below. You’ll see that a $100 PayPal funds reward only costs 9,600 points. By waiting you’re getting a better earnings return for your time.


The rate keeps improving the longer you hold out. Take a look at the $1,000 PayPal funds reward.


The more points you hold onto, the more money you can get for your time.

I know you want cash now and don’t want to wait. But if you’re making money through online rewards and surveys you should be using various sites and programs. Some don’t give a bonus for waiting. So use those to cash out quick. I recommend cashing in your rewards on i-Say once you obtain higher point levels.


Take Home Message

I like Ipsos i-Say. They are certainly not the biggest and more comprehensive survey site out there but they do offer solid returns for your time. And more importantly, they are legitimate. Their parent company, Ipsos, is a gigantic marketing research firm.

I’m confident you won’t see i-Say disappear anytime soon. And I’ll add there’s some comfort in knowing that the survey you answer and the polls you participate in truly do effect the decisions big global brands make.


Should you join?

Yes! Give it a try, Click here to sign up now.


If you have any questions about Ipsos i-Say or anything you would like add – such as your own discoveries, feedback, etc please don’t be shy to leave a comment below.


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