Is iPoll Legit? My iPoll Review for 2014

Hey everyone!

I’m back and this time I’m sharing my experience with iPoll.

iPoll is an online survey website that pays you for your input on various topics, products, and services.

So to answer the big question on your mind; can you make money with iPoll?

Yes you can. Click to sign up here.


But is it worth your time? Continue to read and find out.


iPoll Review Intro

As a heads up, I only write reviews for companies that I’ve actually tried out. So take comfort in knowing that this review is based on my actual experience.

I like to start my reviews by going over the basics – the company, the requirements, rewards, etc. So I’ll start there.


iPoll Info

I think it’s wise to do a little research into who you’re working with before you devote any time to them. So before I signed up I took at look at both SurveyHead and iPoll.

I found my first red flag within 2 minutes!

Survey Head better business bureau


I’m not surprised that Surveyhead ditched its old name and re-branded to iPoll. On their site they make the following statement with regards to their re-branding:

A few months ago Surveyhead launched the iPoll mobile app. Launching a product we put so much care and effort into was a special time for us and the abundance of positive feedback from the community has been truly moving. For us, this reinforces the success of iPoll and sets a clear path for the future. Today, we are pleased to welcome you to iPoll while saying goodbye to the Surveyhead brand.

It’s a nice story but I’m sure there was more behind the decision as evident by the companies previous F Better Business Bureau rating.

The BBB page for iPoll is still in it’s infancy so it’s not too useful. Nevertheless, I decided to try out the service and see if anything has changed in this companies business model. Spoiler: They’ve definitely improved.



You can sign up for iPoll from anywhere in the world so long as you are over 17 years of age. Not having a location bound restriction is a rarity and quite impressive!


Sign Up Process

Signing up is fairly straight forward. You can head over to their homepage and click the “Get Going!” button. It’ll take you to a page where you input some general information about yourself. Once your done with that portion, you’ll have to confirm your email and you are ready to roll.

As it stands now, iPoll is giving new members a $5 bonus upon sign up. So if you’re thinking about joining I’d recommend doing it now – you never really know when these promotions are going to stop running.


Minimum Payout

iPoll uses a cash panel, meaning there’s no tricky point system in use. This appears to be the meta with new online reward companies. Points were confusing and unintuitive.

The official minimum payout for iPoll starts at $10 but there is a catch. At the lower end of reward redemption you are limited to only magazine subscriptions. Lame right?

It is only once you reach a $20 threshold where you have the option of redeeming for gift cards, like my favorite, Amazon.

Sadly, if you want to cash out via PayPal or a prepaid Visa card you will need to amass $50. To make matters worse, you’ll be slapped with a 3% PayPal fee. So PayPal fans be wary! The prepaid Visa card does not have a fee though.

The higher than normal payout threshold means that it may take you a few months or more depending on how many survey invitations you receive and qualify for before you’re able to redeem your earnings. I like liquidity, so this is a bummer.


My iPoll Usage Impressions

iPoll is a survey company that pays you money to give input on various products and services you use everyday.  So far, I’ve been using iPoll for a few months now and here’s what I’ve experienced.


Survey Qualification Rate

I qualified for about 3/4ths or 75% of surveys I found. That’s a pretty high hit rate. But full disclosure: I filled out my profile completely; meaning I answered all the questions asked. This in my experience leads to higher hit rates as you position yourself to a specific demographic pool – making it easier for iPoll to connect you with specific marketing study groups.

On that note, iPoll encourages you to fill out your profile by giving you a few cents to get it filled out. So don’t skip it.


iPoll Survey E-mailE-Mail Survey Invite Rate

Form my experience, I received about 6 surveys per month. If I had to compare it to other survey companies I’d say it’s pretty average. That said, you are not solely limited to e-mail surveys. You can find other surveys to take on their website via their dashboard and on their mobile app.


iPoll’s Mobile App

I like that companies are starting to offer their survey systems on mobile devices. It makes it easier to earn anytime. In my case, I start the app up when I’m watching some TV in the evening. The iPoll app is available for both iOS and Android.

As far as the app goes, it’s designed to offer you two ways to earn money: through surveys and/or tasks. The surveys are similar to what you’d find on their website but the tasks are a little different. iPoll calls them missions and they can get you paid while you are out and about. Pretty neat in theory.

You have to give the app permission to track your location and then it’ll show you what missions are available in your area. If you head over to a mission spot, aka a store, gas station, etc you’ll be given a mission. The first time I did it I in a Target store and was told to go to the cereal aisle. I went over to the aisle and was asked a quick question and got paid for it.



My biggest peeve with the system is you have to actively remember to search for missions when you’re at a store. I’m a bit forgetful and caught myself forgetting to check available missions while shopping. It’d be neat if they notified you of available surveys given your location.

The Best Ways to Make Money with iPoll

iPoll is primarily a survey based reward system and that’s how you should be using it. There’s no easy way to game the system here. But if you want to more surveys and higher qualification rates you have to fill out your profile questions.

When you first join, filling out the profile questions are the lowest paying surveys on the dashboard. But it’s important to realize their long term value. Completing them helps iPoll understand what demographic you fit in as a consumer. Which in turn makes it easier for them to sell your input to companies who seek it.

Now, when it comes time to deciding which surveys you should take, I recommend only taking surveys that pay out at least $1.00 per 10 minutes of time. Your time is valuable.

That said, following this strategy will lengthen the time before you’re able to cash out. But if you look at it from a long run perspective, you’ll be making more money for your time input.

And if you can remember to check the iPoll mobile app for missions while shopping you can speed up your earning rate.


iPoll ReviewOverall Feelings about iPoll

iPoll has a few positive things going for it. I really like that they have mobile apps that you can use to earn on the go. It’s a good compliment to their online component.

They also offer a solid list of redemption options including Amazon, PayPal, and other niche specific gift cards. Sadly, the higher than normal cash out threshold leaves you working longer between payouts.

All things considered, every survey company has it’s own shortcomings and iPoll has done a well enough job that if you enjoy taking paid surveys, it’s worth a strong consideration. From my time using iPoll, it has shown itself to be a legitimate online rewards company. I received my payments from them, albeit after a longer than expected payout approval process.



  • Legitimate, paying company
  • Pays at above average rates
  • Offers a continuous flow of surveys to take
  • Pays out to PayPal
  • Has no location restrictions


  • 3% PayPal cash out fee
  • Higher than average payout threshold
  • Slow payout processing (may take a few weeks to approve and receive)


So do I recommend signing up for iPoll?

Yes. You can click here to sign up.

Although they take longer than most survey companies to pay out, they do offer more competitive payouts for your time invested than other companies. I recommend giving them a shot.


There are 3 comments

  1. Greg

    Things sure have changed. iPoll and its partners used to be paying. As of sometime last year, they have went rogue. They not only will not pay out your requests, but they will disable your account. You will have no choice but to close it and let them keep your money.

  2. Margaret

    They terminated my account today, no email, just a pop up termination when I tried to sign in. And they owed me two $50 paypal payments, that I never got. Never again….rip off! Two months worth of surveys and I got ripped off by ipoll!

  3. Mike Bray

    Ipoll gets lots of complaints.They have you to take surveys and when you log in to Paypal to get paid,they disable your account then want give you a reason nor will they respond to emails or phone calls and it seems everyone is having the same problem.

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