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I’ve bought video games from before since their pricing is at times unbeatable. I still won’t forget when I picked up Diablo III at 54% off retail! In any case, I never saw their Goldmine program until I was looking to buy Watch Dogs a few weeks ago.

And boy did I stumble upon a Goldmine!

You get paid for referring people who buy a game. This is not a one time commission either. Each person who makes a purchase thanks to your recommendation is added to your “team” or referral network. And every order made by that person in the future also brings you a profit.

So you can make money with G2A Goldmine?

Yes, Absolutely! Click here to learn more.


G2A Goldmine Review Intro

Before we start with Goldmine, let’s take a look at G2A. G2A is a website that sells video game keys for low prices. Sometimes even selling keys for games at a 70+% discount. Which is insane. Take a look at their weekly sales page here.

It’s a popular site; with a global rank of 8,199 on Alexa.


I’ll add that the site is certainly legitimate. Big YouTube starts like Pewdiepie have been recommending it. So, I think it’s safe to say you can trust the company.

I also only write reviews for companies that I’ve actually tried and that I’ve been paid by. As I’ve been using this site since June 2014 without hitch, I’m comfortable writing about them and recommending them to my users.

So let’s get to it!


How Do I Earn Money Through Goldmine?

G2A has a referral service that is called G2A Goldmine, you can sign up for it here.

Once you sign up for the program, you will receive your own referral link. The referral link acts similar to any affiliate program you may be familiar with. Which works like this: Once someone clicks your referral link, a web cookie is made that tracks what your referral does online. If they create and account and purchase a game, you’ll get a commission.

This is typically where most affiliate programs end. But not Goldmine.

For every person that your referral refers to, you also get a cut. Goldmine creates levels for each relation to you. For direct referrals, you make 100% of the amount specified on the product page. When your referral refers someone, you make 60% of that value. And when your referral’s, referral, refers someone you make 40%. It complicated but G2A make a neat little diagram with the info.


The great thing about these referrals are that they can earn you money when

  • They buy games
  • They refer other gamers, who in turn buy games

The second bullet is where you can earn the most money. It’s the power of the network!



What’s the Best Way to Make Money with GoldMind?

Get your referral link out there!

But how do you do that effectively? Well, you need a targeting plan. The following three groups are the best groups to set your sights on.


The Big Boys

The big boys are people that are known in the world of video gaming. People that run their own YouTube channels, game streamers, video game blog reviews, community managers, etc. These are the people that receive a big amount of traffic. And traffic means more opportunity to earn.

The best part about these groups are that they are already in the business to make money. So they’ll be more than happy to hear about this website and what it can do for them. Pitch the possibilities! And remind them that all they have to do is advertise their link on their own sites/YouTube page, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Approaching the big boys does require a little finesse. If you spam them, you’ll lose any trust and chance of getting them on board. I’ve found that e-mailing them as a fan is critical – mention the new way to make more money but don’t let it be the main reason for your contact initiation.


The Smalls

The smalls is my name for the group of gamers that actually purchase the games. Targetting these guys individually is near impossible. However, you target the places they frequent most often – such as specific gaming forums and Facebook pages/groups. One good method I found success with is running your link in a gaming forum signature. So every time you post on the forum, your link is there for eyeballs to see.

You can “spam” these places and get surprisingly good traffic. I’ll note, when I say “spam”, don’t just throw the link out their plainly. Give a little context about it and reaffirm its value. You can mention something like you bought from and the process was smooth, that the savings are awesome, or that you highly recommend them.


Your Inner Circle

g2a goldmine reviewIf you play games, or have friends that do like me, sharing your link gives you another opportunity to earn some cash while helping your friends save some money.

Seriously. You make some cash and they get games for cheap. Win-Win.


Final Notes

These three methods are what have worked for me thus far. But I’m sure there are other methods out there to generate traffic. So get creative, and you’ll be earning some nice side cash. And best of all, once you get a few big boys – the process essentially runs on autopilot.

Click here to start earning money with G2A Goldmine!


P.S If you have any questions, or a creative idea to share leave a comment!


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    1. Untanglr

      I think the biggest challenge is getting people to buy with G2A. It’s not a popular game seller. I imagine even well places referrals(like on popular Youtube channels) have a smaller than expected conversion rate.

      1. Dicky Salim

        I have a few questions.

        first of all, why g2a exist in the first place? it must have some better value than buying it directly on steam, if not then why bother exist in the first place?

        Second, say I get a referal, do I get paid when they join? or only when they buy a game on G2A?

        1. Untanglr

          So G2A is an online gaming store like Steam. It’s just not as popular. Sometimes their pricing is cheaper but not always.

          As for the referrals, you only get paid if there is a sale. If someone registers they become a member of your team and if anyone uses their referral and buys something you get a small cut too. In reality, unless you’re able to get people to click on your affiliate link and buy something, don’t expect much. It’s worth experimenting with if you’re able to get YouTube creators on-board as they have a good chance of getting clicks from game reviews and showcases.

          1. Dicky Salim

            Well, this G2A goldmine is worth a try… If i don’t get anything, at least I can buy games cheaper…

            I checked around your post and see you have a lot of post about this kind of business… can you recommend one for me?
            I live outside US btw,

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