Is FusionCash Legit? | Fusion Cash Review

Hey, everyone! I saw someone referring FusionCash online so I thought I’d see what they’re all about and give them a review.

FusionCash is yet another online survey and rewards site that pays you cash to try products and services and take online surveys. The key thing to note here is that they pay out cash – you won’t find any gift cards here and I’ll talk more about that later.

I like to start my reviews by answering the most important question of all. Can you really make money with FusionCash? And is FusionCash Legit?

Yes. Click here to Sign Up.

FusionCashFusionCash Review Intro

Before I start, I’d like to point out that I only write reviews for companies that I’ve actually tried and that I’ve been paid by. There is nothing worse than completing a bunch of tasks and then not seeing anything for it. It’s why I started this website.

I also prefer to start my reviews by covering the basics of the company and any relevant information about them – such as their rewards, restrictions, and payout thresholds. So let’s begin from there.


FusionCash Overview

I like seeing a company’s history before I try them out. And it’s a really important point to check out. You want to be comfortable working with a site and sharing your own personal information with them.

Before I signed up, I was pleased to see that FusionCash has been in the business since 2005 and that they have an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).


I took comfort in knowing they are not a scam, and you should too.



FushionCash has two major requirements for signing up.

  • Location: You must located in the United States or Canada.
  • Age: You must be 18 years or older. OR if you’re a US resident, you need to be 13 years or older and have parental permission to join.


Sign Up Process

Signing up for FusionCash is ridiculously easily. You head to their home page, make an account and you’re good to go. You also get a $5 bonus for signing up, which is a good starting point!


Minimum Rewards Payout

fusioncash cash payoutsThe minimum payout is $25. That’s average, as far as survey sites are considered. I’d have preferred it to be a bit lower, but then again who wouldn’t have? That said, I really like that FusionCash’s  payout is in straight cash. You can cash out by receiving a check, direct deposit, or through PayPal.  There are also no processing fees to be found either.

No more stacking up Amazon gift cards or trying to sell them for cash at a discounted value. Rejoice!

The FusionCash payout system processes monthly but it’s a tad quirky. You get payout approval on the 20th of every month after you request a cash out. So you need to request a payout before the 20th, or else you’ll get our payout delayed a month. It’s an unnecessary hassle but at least you get paid out 1-5 days after approval.

Note: FusionCash has implemented a phone number verification system to cut down on fraud. You’ll need to use a legitimate number. I have not received any unsolicited phone calls after my approval.


Ways to Earn Money


FusionCash has a bunch of methods to make money available to you. Some of the ways include:

  • Signing up for various offers
  • Calling certain partners
  • Listening to their Radio station, called RadioLoyalty
  • Watching selected videos
  • Clicking on a sponsor’s advertisement
  • Completing unique worker Tasks
  • Shopping through Cashback Mall
  • Searching through the FusionCash Toolbar

In my opinion, the best use of your time is signing up for offers. But I’ll go more in-depth below.


The Best Ways to Make Money with FusionCash


Like I mentioned above, I feel that it’s best to only spend your time completing offers that are found under the “Paid to Sign Up” tab.

What’s great about FusionCash is that you are able to see all the requirements for various offers before signing up. So if you have to pay to sign up or the requirements involves confirming your e-mail address, it’s clear what’s expected. See how the below example tells you you need to register and confirm your e-mail address to get $1.00.

fusioncash offer example

Typically, the higher paying offers require that you purchase something, which is worth it if the service your purchasing costs less than the payout. There are some offers that are subscription based and they work too but you have to remember to cancel the subscription at the end of the month. If you forget, you’ll probably end up paying more for the service than you earned.



Surveys are the second best way to to rack up some cash with FusionCash. You can find them under the “FC Surveys” tab. Additionally, you will receive e-mails from FushionCash during the day notifying you of new surveys open to you.  You can expect about 1-3 e-mails a day, and as such they are a steady source of opportunity.

thumbs-downOne thing I found is that there were times that the surveys I wanted to take, FusionCash directed me to through another survey site. This isn’t bad per say, but I feel that I could most likely make more money signing up for those survey sites rather than taking surveys through FusionCash. Middleman services almost always yield less. This to me, diminished the value of taking surveys on FusionCash.


My Survey Qualification Percent

Because of the above point, I didn’t take as many surveys as I probably should have to obtain a solid sample size. But that said, I qualified for almost all the surveys that were visible to me. Take that with a grain of salt though; maybe I got lucky, or my demographic’s info was in hot demand.


Survey Invite Rate

Like I mentioned above, I receive about 1 to 3 surveys a day. Those were on top of the surveys that you can participate in through the website dashboard. I liked that the emails were consistent. But again, I made the bulk of my earnings through offers and recommend sticking to that foremost.


Forum Participation Bonus

Here’s a neat bonus I found.  FusionCash offers a $3 bonus each month you make 30 or more contributory posts in their forum. The bonus counts towards your $25 cashout minimum too. Which is great if you need an extra earnings boost to get there.

Don’t leave this easy money on the table!


My Overall Thoughts on FusionCash

fusioncash-reviewFushionCash is certainly a legitimate and paying company that offers a variety of ways to make money online. Their unique value comes from the fact that they pay out in strict cash with no fees.

However, FushionCash is a bit rough around the edges. Although they send you multiple surveys a day, some of those surveys are linked to other survey sites. This results in your earnings being less than if you went to the original survey site.

In many ways, I feel that FusionCash is a lesser quality version of CashCrate. (See my CashCrate Review Here)


Should you Join FusionCash?

Even with its pitfalls, FusionCash is a good tool to add to your money making arsenal. Couple it with the $5 signing bonus, and the package looks even better.

Sign up and find out more about FusionCash here.


P.S. If you have any questions, comments, or have some helpful tips you’d like to add leave a comment below!


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