Is CashCrate Legit? | A CashCrate Review


Cashcrate is an online survey and offer website.  In this review, I’ll answer the question, “is CashCrate legit?” and “can I make money with CashCrate?”.

Before I start, the answer is Yes! – Sign Up for CashCrate here.CashCrate Review


CashCrate Review Introduction

In this article, I’ll answer the question, “is CashCrate legit”, and more importantly show you the various methods I’ve used to make money on CashCrate so that you can make the most out of your time.

Like my other reviews, I recommend taking the time to study this guide and read its entirety. There’s a lot of information to be found and it’s important to know the best ways to maximize your earning potential before diving in head first.

If you’re unsure about CashCrate. You should know that they’ve paid out over $3.9 million dollars to its users since 2006 and they have a payment wall with payment proof.



CashCrate Overview

Let’s go over the basics and the restrictions associated with CashCrate.

Sign Up

To join CashCrate, Click Here.

You’ll be asked to enter some personal information including your name, email, and address. Then you’ll be taken to a new page where you can input some brief information about yourself – this is for tailoring surveys to you.

Minimum Payout Amount

Cashcrate’s rules set a $20 minimum to getting paid. They pay out by paper check on the 15th of every month. You can expect for them to arrive about 7 to 9 days after being mailed out.

Survey Hit Rate

I’ve found that you can expect to receive around 2-3 e-mails a day that will invite you to participate in a particular survey. Keep in mind that there dozens of surveys available to you on the CashCrate site – the one’s e-mail to you are what CashCrate is featuring and what they believe you would be interested in.

One thing that’s important to note is that you will never qualify for every single survey you try to take. In fact, I qualify for about 80% of the surveys I attempt. And not qualifying for everything is a good thing. Maybe not for us, the users. But it means that CashCrate is actually doing it’s job at providing targeted marketing results for its partners. A clear sign that the company is legitimate.


How to Make Money on CashCrate

CrashCrate offers plenty of opportunities for you to earn money on their website. You have offers, surveys, videos, tasks, etc.


Let’s begin with my favorite earning method on CashCrate


The bulk of the money I make with CashCrate is earned by taking free and paid offers found on the offers page. You’ll find that CashCrate differentiates between the free and paid offers with a $ (dollar sign) icon next to the offer if it costs money to complete.

Free Offers

Free offers are provided by companies that are willing to pay you to sign up. These companies are typically new and looking to adopt new users. And they pay you to join in. Here’s an example:


If you download and install the Nielson Digital Voice application on your computer and keep it installed for 30 days you’ll earn $3.00 for clicking an install button. Your return is all profit.

Other free offers may include signing up to receive coupons or recipes via e-mail. It’s easy. To find the best free surveys, just sort through them by payout.

In most cases, the free offers don’t take longer than a few minutes to sign up for.

The highest paying offers on CashCrate will come from offers that will cost you money. Don’t freak out! I know you’re here to earn money and not spend it!

Here’s what you need to know. Most of the paid offers are monthly recurring payments that will require you to pay for a least a month of service before CashCrate pays you.

But at the same time, you can earn more than you paid.

Here’s an example:


The standard price for a GoDaddy domain is $14.99 ; if you complete the offer through CashCrate you essentially receive a free domain and $3.00 for yourself.


Bonus Offers

The bonus offers tab in CashCrate looks like it is a feed from a 3rd party partner. And that means there’s a middleman involved. In turn, meaning that the offers pay outs are typically lower than what competing companies offer.

That said, I was surprised a few times to see that the same offers as found in the regular “Offers” tab were offered at a higher payout! I don’t like that CashCrate isn’t keeping tabs on standardizing all the offers presented. The whole “game” with bonus offers and  bonus surveys serves no purpose beyond confusing the user.



CashCrate allows you to take surveys and get rewarded for it. You should know that, I don’t recommend using CashCrate for surveys. The reason is because CashCrate is not a survey company. They offer surveys that are done through an outside partnership company.

The result? Lower survey earning. 

You are much better off spending your time taking surveys for companies that are dedicated to surveys and have no middleman. Good one’s to look into include, iPsos and Opinion Outpost.

I’ll also remark on the Top Survey’s tab you see when on the site. This section is very similar to the normal surveys section but it appears to be using a different third party company to offer surveys.

I had to fill out an additional profile to see the surveys which was a bit strange. Also, looking through the pay outs, a lot of these survey did not reward as high as competing survey companies. So I don’t recommend spending time here either. Nor do I recommend spending ant time completing surveys under the Bonus Surveys tab as there’s to be found that is worth your time here.

That said, if you are close to a pay out and need some extra CashCrate work to get there, the surveys may be worth completing.



CashCrate has a two tier referral system with various levels(5 different levels) and payout ranges. The starting level pays 20% of offer earnings and then 10% of the second tier offer earnings as well.


It means that if you refer someone and then they refer someone you can earn money from their referral in addition to the person you referred. It’s a neat system. There are also extra bonuses to be found with relation to the referrals. For example, when you refer someone who makes their first $10 you will earn $3 and you receive $0.05 for each Daily Survey your referrals complete.

You can take a full look at the referral details after you sign up.



I found that doing offers on CashCrate was a good use of my time. The Survey sections were iffy, but at times had their share of rewards to be reaped. I think CashCrate is worth taking a look at.

This site isn’t going to make you rich by itself. But add it to your collection of online income sources and it’ll help push your bottom line.

Sign up for CashCrate here.

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