Best Finance Podcasts for 2015

A couple of years ago I began listening to podcasts instead of music during my daily commutes. I hate wasting time and podcasts are a great way of keeping me informed and entertained during my 30 minute commute to work.

I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite finance related podcasts below. They’re arguably the best finance podcasts out there today. I’ve ranked them in no particular order and recommend giving them all a listen as their substance and style vary tremendously.

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Planet Money

Planet Money is a NPR produced podcast that dives deep into topics that are loosely about money and finance. Topics can include skill based gambling, betting against the stock market (shorting), rose farming around Valentine’s Day and more.

The podcast is casual fun that’s random and quite informative.



A weekly podcast hosted by journalist Stephen Dubner, with economist Steven Levitt as a regular guest. The two explore the hidden side of everything, telling stories about cheating schoolteachers and eating champions while teaching us all to think a bit more creatively, rationally, and productively. If you never read Freakonomics, do yourself a favor and expose yourself to the genius that is Levitt.

While this isn’t a traditional finance based podcast, it’s fun enough that everyone should give it a listen.


Motley Fool Money

A weekly fast paced look at the world of business and investing today. Each episode features a round table discussion breaking down the biggest headlines from Wall Street. Interviews with business leaders and authors give it some extra curb appeal. The podcasts are short and you’ll be amazed how quickly time flies listening to them.

It’s also worth checking out Market Foolery for an entertaining overview of the daily market and business environment.


Marketplace from American Public Media

A general summary of the day’s events with relation to the financial market. I find it to be a good way to stay on top of current events.

Host, Kai Ryssdal has a superb personality and makes the podcast as informative as it is entertaining.



Tiingo is a community of investors and traders looking to learn more about markets and improve finance conditions. The podcasts are aimed at providing you information, tools, intelligent discussion about various investments.

I recommended it for anyone trying to understand more complex investment strategies such as hedge funds. The older podcasts were more basic and are a good starting point. The material gets progressively more advanced as you listen forward.


The Investors Podcast

Simply sold as a podcast that analyzes billionaires and the critical habits and elements that make them successful.

The podcast panel talks about the books billionaires read and interview the people they interact with. It’s all very interesting to say the least.



A no nonsense, straight shooting, financial podcast that’s unusually honest and offers great open minded discussions about the current financial landscape.

John C Dvorak, a tech writer with a broad range of personal and professional experiences, and Andrew Horowitz, a 20 year financial adviser veteran, engage in conversation that’s educational without being boring. Highly recommended.


Money Tree Investing

A weekly podcast aimed at helping you grow your wealth by letting money work for you. Each week a panel member interviews a special guest on topics related to money, investing, personal finance and passive income.

This is one my favorites. It will also introduce you to other podcasts if you listen closely to what their guests are up to.



EconTalk is hsoted by Russ Roberts, an economist with a genuine enthusiasm for life. His weekly podcasts run around an hour apiece but Russ interviews some very interesting people -authors, economists, innovators, and people from all walks of life. Their stories and experiences offer interesting perspective.

Highly recommended for anyone looking to learn more about the world of economics.


Bigger Pockets

A top rated real estate podcast that’s all about real estate investing and wealth building.

The two hosts, Josh Dorkin and Brandon Turner both have successful real estate investor track records. Hearing them share their experiences and offer advice is worth a listen.


Hard Currency from Financial Times

Correspondent Delphone Stauss talks to global experts on the foreign exchange market about their views on the week ahead.

The talks take a hard look at what’s driving the largest markets in the world, discussing market trends and economic factors affecting global currencies.

It’s worth checking out if you’re looking for a more international scoped podcast or you are engaged in FX.


If you are reading this and think I missed a great finance podcast, leave a comment below and I’ll add it.

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