About Untanglr

I’m Aleks, the creator of Untangr, and I’m here to make sense of money things.

This blog’s focus is on exploring and untangling various ways to make money, save money, and build a better personal finance situation for yourself and/or your family.


About Me

Like many others, I graduated university (with a dual degree in Economics and Government) and found myself working at a traditional 8:00-5:00 job. I made pretty good money but was left with a nagging feeling that I didn’t want to do this for another forty-something years.

After I paid of my student loans and I started to put the money I earned into the bank. I began asking questions. What should I invest in? How much is enough? How much do I spend? How can I get myself to enjoy life more and work less in the future?

Money is a taboo. Few people want to talk about how much they make, and most people barely know how much they spend. Everyone seems to have fallen in line with the concept of working till they’re 65. Something I can’t imagine.

So I started Untanglr as a blog to self motivate. A place where I could share with others what I’ve learned but also as a medium to continue learning. I don’t consider myself a guru of finance. Nor do I claim to know it all. I’m actually highly skeptical of others, especially those that claim to be experts.

I try my best to share useful information in the spirit of helping others. To make certain decisions and choices easier. And to hopefully better your life in some fashion.


Should you be reading Untanglr?

In truth, there are hundreds of personal finance blogs on the Internet. I can’t say that Untanglr is the best fit for you. My demographic is the younger to middle aged adult as that’s who I am. Individuals entering their adult lives will likely find my posts the most relevant and helpful. But truthfully, anyone ready to begin practicing smarter personal finance strategies can find something useful.

This isn’t a place to discover the “10 best ways to save money at the grocery store“. I don’t showcase the latest deals or coupons here either. There are plenty of other sites that are already doing a tremendously better job at it than I ever could.

But I do my best to learn something new every day and share what’s useful.

That’s my story. If it sounds interesting, I encourage you to bookmark this site or to sign up to get notified of new posts.


Thanks for reading.